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Where to learn German

Whether it’s German instruction in an elementary, middle or high school or you’re interested in enrolling in course at a college or university or in a continuing education program for adults, opportunities to learn German abound. Find out what’s available in your local community, in Germany or online and start your language adventure today!


In the US


If you are interested in German as a foreign language, the Goethe-Institut offers courses at all levels, taught by highly qualified teachers. The courses use a communicative approach and emphasize intercultural understanding. In the US, the Goethe-Institut offers courses in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington. In addition, the Goethe-Institut has a network of affiliated cultural institutions and testing centers in the US.

AATG List of German lanaguage schools

Looking for a German school or a school offering a German immersion experience? AATG has compiled a searchable database of German language schools, including the five deutsche Auslandsschulen and other schools teaching German. More

Summer Schools

The German Summer Schools in the US offer one- to seven-week programs for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and professors, and language learners at large. Participants who successfully complete course work are eligible to receive teacher continuing education credits or obtain a Goethe-Institut language certificate for their level of proficiency. Summer schools allow for a total immersion experience and offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as readings and white water rafting, films, and weekend brunches, as well as theater workshops and music festivals. More

Waldsee - the German Language Village

Waldsee, literally “lake in the woods”, is immersion in action – up to an entire month of living in an entirely German-speaking environment. Explore German language at a fun day camp through nature, music, sports, games, dance, arts, crafts and delicious food. More


The initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH) was launched by the German Foreign ministry in February 2008 and currently oversees a worldwide network of over 1,500 partner schools. PASCH schools are centers of excellence both in the national STEM rankings and the language area (German), meant to outreach to and have an impact on other schools with German programs in the US. To this purpose PASCH schools benefit from a particular support by their respective German partners, the Goethe-Institut and the Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen. More

In Germany

Goethe-Institut Germany

Register for a German course in Germany and get to know the country in all its diversity. The Goethe-Institut locations in Germany offer you a rich variety of interesting programs at all levels, including summer immersion programs, examinations and seminars for teachers of German. More

Courses for children and teens

Learn German at all levels while meeting children and teens from all over the world. Have an enjoyable stay while experiencing the culture in the most scenic regions of Germany, with an extracurricular program packed with sports, music, the arts and plenty of fun activities. More

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program

This program is for motivated high school students who want to live with a host family and attend school for an academic year in Germany. No previous language experience is required. More

AATG Summer Study Program

Are you a high school student looking for adventure in Germany this summer? Live with a German family, attend classes at local high schools and experience the German language and culture firsthand. The 3-week program offers you the chance to immerse yourself in German culture and language! More


Goethe-Institut distance learning

If you cannot come to a Goethe-Institut, then your best option is to book a distance learning course with the Goethe-Institut. All courses are professionally supervised by German teachers. More

Deutsch für dich - The free online community

Learn German together free of charge: Browse tutorials by language ability level and topic, and add them to your own learning list. You will find learning tips and you may share experiences with other users in the forum. More