Germany Unwrapped Exhibition

021115_Poster_GermanyUnWrapped2014_567x367px@72dpiGermany Unwrapped is a travelling exhibition, a guide to discover Germany and its language in a playful way. Whether with your German class, or individually, the activities will inform and surprise.

There are many built-in activities for students in these cases, which include a game to better get to know Germany’s major cities, garden gnomes that show people’s serious or humorous opinions, an exploration of Germany’s medieval and romantic sides, astonishing answers to frequently asked questions, and beauty and eccentricities of the German language and its potential to express complex feelings.

4Bilder-BildIn line with “German is easier than you think,” visitors can find connections between German and their own native language. A monitor shows the ten most important reasons for learning German.

The traveling exhibition “Germany Unwrapped” was made possible by a generous grant from the German Foreign Office. Before your visit, please download our worksheet for yourself or your class, and be sure to submit your answers to our contest question to win uniquely German prizes.