Ready for a warm welcome? Just Add German.

Make new friends in class and abroad and get ready to enjoy a hearty WILLKOMMEN into this multicultural and dynamic society.

Even if you haven’t fully mastered the adjective endings, your German will be met with big smiles and encouragement in Germany.
Your desire to make new personal connections at home and abroad will be furthered by taking German:

  • You’ll find like-minded people in your language classes who share an interest in German culture and history—or know that the language will help them get ahead.
  • Making new friends in the German-speaking world is fun today—and will help your career tomorrow.
  • Germany’s multicultural and tolerant society makes it easy for everyone to fit in.
  • There’s a strong tradition of hospitality in Germany, and you’ll be welcomed as a guest by friends and strangers alike.


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Facts & Figures

    • According to the last survey of permanent migration published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Germany is the world´s top migration spot after the US.
    • There are over 7,62 million foreigners living in Germany.
    • Germany also ranks among the top ten tourism destinations worldwide.
    • 233,000 foreign students are currently enrolled in 350 German Universities, about 12% of the entire student population. After the US and Great Britain this makes Germany the most attractive country for foreign students.
    • About 750 high schools in the US have long-term exchange programs with schools in Germany. With GAPP (German American Partnership Program), more than 10,000 Students visit each other every year.


    • Germany is a modern, cosmopolitan country. Its society is shaped by a plurality of life styles and truly different ethno-cultural diversity.
    • Germans are record holders of traveling abroad. In 2008, the US was the most popular destination for German tourists: over 1.8 million came to visit. For jobs in the US tourism-and hospitality industries, knowing German can provide an edge over the competition.










  • When is the Day of German Unity celebrated?
  • Which of these countries is the world’s second top migration spot after the U.S.?
  • What is typical German?
  • How many different types of German bread do exist?
  • Which of these countries is the most attractive for foreign students?