Passionate about culture and history? Just Add German.

Discover the fascinating events and personalities of the German-speaking world!

Could you imagine yourself being there—whether “there” is a German cabaret during the Weimar Republic or a Berlin art studio right now?
Learning languages is a direct way to satisfy your curiosity about European history and culture, and taking German lets you explore new worlds:

  • You’ll start to learn about the amazing cultural contributions of the German-speaking world to music, art, theater, dance, and more—from the middle ages to the present day.
  • History will take on new significance as you practice reading historical texts in their original language, dreaming of someday heading to libraries and archives in Europe.
  • Your dreams of studying and living abroad will become that much closer—and when you get there, you’ll be able to communicate and understand the culture in a whole new way.


Facts & Figures

    • German is the language of Luther, Goethe, Einstein, Kafka, Hegel, Mozart, Bach, Freud, Beethoven and many more influential authors and artists. Knowing German helps better understand their work.
    • 18% of all books published in the world are in German. The German company Bertelsmann is the world’s largest book publisher, and the Frankfurter Book Fair is the world’s largest book fair.
    • There are more than 480 music festivals in Germany each year and the “Berlinale” is one of the most important international film-festivals.
    • Germany is home to 6,200 museums (630 of them art museums), 820 theaters (including musical theaters and opera houses), 130 professional orchestras, and 8,800 libraries.
    • Berlin was the first in Europe to be recognized as a UNESCO “City of Design”. It is home to 6,000 visual artists, 2,700 architects, 400 photographers and 1,300 design studios.
    • 33 of the UNESCO-selected monuments to our World Cultural and Natural Heritage are in Germany.










  • Which story was written by the Brothers Grimm?
  • The young German rapper Cro is always wearing …?
  • What is the name of the Berlin International Film Festival?
  • Ludwig van Beethoven was born in…?
  • Which actress does not have German roots?