Feeling adventurous? Just Add German.


Dreaming of going abroad or taking on a new language puzzle are great reasons to learn German.

Sometimes you want to take a class because it actually sounds fun—and German classes fit the bill! You’ll learn about the wide variety of German holidays and festivities, all while taking an important step towards study or travel abroad:

  • Learn about and go experience Karneval, Christmas markets, or the Oktoberfest yourself.
  • Get ready to study or travel abroad where you’ll see castles, play soccer, dance all night, and get to eat Bratwurst and Spaetzle with your new German friends.
  • Be amazed how quickly you progress in German while having fun unraveling the mysteries of compound words and umlauts.



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Facts and Figures

  • Germany is about half the size of Texas but consists of 16 different states, each of them having specific regional traditions, food, festivals and dialects.
  • Germany counts 14 national parks, 101 nature parks and 15 biosphere reserves to discover.
  • Karneval is one of the most celebrated events in German, especially in Cologne, and looks back to a tradition of over 200 years. During carnival seasons Germans can wear costumes even at work.
  • The Oktoberfest in Munich is the biggest folk festival in the world.










  • What is the name of a traditional Bavarian dress?
  • How many “Bundesländer” (states) does Germany have?
  • Which of these events is located in the south of Germany?
  • Where does the International Book Fair take place?
  • When did Germany not win the soccer world championship?