More than 1,000 students from all over the country took part in our student contests providing an excellent opportunity to discover the German language and Germany in a different way. The many collective and individual contributions were rewarded with attractive prizes such as iPads, iPods or gift cards.

Living Language Contest

Have you heard of a “Schifffahrtskapitänsmütze” (“marine captains’ hat”) before? Probably not. It is a compound word, which German is especially suited for. Compounds create new, more descriptive words by combining two or more existing ones. The Living Language Contest animated over 600 students from all over the country to create their own new German compound words and thus promoted fun and creativity in the German language. See winner words below.

German Traces Photo Contest

The German Traces Photo Contest encouraged students to find traces of German culture and history in their hometown and showcasing them with their camera. See winner pictures and descriptions below.

Video Testimonial Challenge

In our monthly Video Testimonial Challenge students created short movie clips in their class around the questions: “Why am I learning German?”, “What do I like most about it?”, “Where can it take me?”. Three videos were selected each month and posted on our Facebook page for public voting. See winner videos below.